Saturday, February 3, 2007

here we go...

Okay, so we've...(well I) have been on the forum for awhile and decided it was time to actually start seeing some of you guys a little more. Dennis and I just got back from the property and there wasn't much work being done in Agave today. We just received the "amendment" with a date of June 29, 2007, but aren't holding onto any false hopes! Our "original" closing date was for October 30, 2006. Our lot hasn't been cleared. We've not been assigned our builder. The good news is we're getting to see some of the things we thought we wanted laid out and some have made us rethink colors,, that's nice! Oh! We're HOPING to attend the happy hour on the 7th at Mother Egan's. Dennis is hounding me to get ready for a party we're attending tonight, so I need to run....but, here are a few things about us:

*we are both very tattooed...what can we say...we're collectors of fine art!!!
*i'm 32...dennis is 27
*we are both in classic car clubs
*we both have classic cars
-dennis has a '55 ford fairlane and a '62 cadillac fleetwood
-i (peggy) have a '53 olds rocket 88
-our "daily" is a bmw! haha...seriously
*i love mid century and collect heywood wakefield, lowbrow art, tikis, and junk
*we have 2 cats (Daisy and Moz...yes, named after Morrissey!) and 1 dog (Atreyu...yes, named after that thing on never ending story) oh, and a beta fish that I wanted to name VHS the Beta fish, but we went with Don2 (godfather of all fish)
*we both are pretty much music junkies...i WILL talk your ear off about it forever, but i'm kinda NEW SUCKS ASS!!! Dennis loves 80's hair's like "frank the tank"
*i hate using caps when typing. can you tell?

okay, dennis is really pushing me in the shower now! here's some pics...see you all soon!

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Jamie said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! My husband, T.J., and I are building at 5404 Sendero Hills. Can't wait to meet you guys.